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From PROWEIN to VINITALY 6-9 April 2014

The wines of Valtellina enchanted ProWeine 2014 Düsseldorf; from Sunday, all at Vinitaly to replicate the success! Come and visit our winery in Verona April 6 to 9, we look with our new labels Guests of the Consortium for the Protection of Valtellina wines.

VINITALY c/o Veronafiere
Viale del Lavoro, 8
6 to 9 April 2014
time 9:30 am to 6:30 pm

Rivetti & Lauro will be at the Palexpo | Stand A/B/C/D1 - Map Vinitaly 2014

PRESS RELEASE:  The wines of Valtellina enchant Düsseldorf