All the emotions of our wine
All the emotions of our wine

It was the dawn of a day in late winter. We were watching the light entering the valley, invading it slowly, moving the darkness and the muffled clouds. All the vineyards around us seemed to listen to our thoughts. Maybe they are the ones they have asked us to join this adventure.Or maybe our souls were just thirsty for this new adventure. That morning our flight has begun.

  • The taste of emotions
    The taste of emotions

    The snow that begins melting and with the first sun of spring the crying of the vines begins. Everything spring up again and from that moment everything will be transformed by the accurate hands of the vine-dressers. Until the fruit and its harvest. Hands that pick up the grape full of colors and perfumes. The hands of the cellarmen that transform the fruit into wine. Earth and sky have become Wine. The Nebbiolo of the mountains.

  • Cellar’s faces

    We have covered different routes but now that we have met we can start a new journey together.

  • Territory

    The magnificent land of Valtellina runs between the Alps from east to west and lets the rhaetian side exposed to sun and cool winds. A land borrowed from the mountains by the secular work of man, transformed to give us marvellous vineyards. A valley run by the Adda river from the peaks to the Lake of Como, which give a unique climate with an unceasing flow.

  • The history of a dream
    The history of a dream

    "Rivetti & Lauro" comes out of an ambitious idea. The vineyards of Valtellina tell us centuries of history
    and tradition. They are the largest terraced wine-growing area in the Italian mountains. A place where it is produced Nebbiolo, a great vine for a wine of noble and extraordinary quality. We want to start from this tradition to introduce new growing techniques addressed to organic and biodynamic, in harmony with the mountain environment.